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IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers 0120170928 screenshot

IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers 0120170928

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IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers 0120170928 screenshot
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WinXP, Win Vista, Win 7 
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IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers Publisher's description:

from IQ Android Games

Just like Chess skill is linked to intelligence, almost all other IQ games are connected to brain training process.
The IQ games facilitate you with perfect memory, attention, concentration, speed, accuracy while adjusting for all ages and genders. Challenge your brain with IQ battling apps. Most of the Android, ios games which bill themselves as brain exercising games, direct to count out your IQ score in a standard way. One can enjoy playing not only on his smart phone but also with PC. Only the difference is the large screen on PC. You can be masters in history, language, geography, politics, economy etc. These games improve your fast thinking and problem solving skills specially that are beneficial for stress - releasers. The game, Can You Escape 1 is the best example for problem solving challenge. Only the clever can escape though. Although the control seems easy, playing is hard that it requires an immensive experience. It is also interesting and nice to meet other people and competing with their knowledge. You will find incompatible and distinct set of games yet they are listed for the same intension to accelerate intelligence of the players. The list is updating along with the recent updates of game apps varying from puzzles, racing, single player or multi player etc. For an instance, River Crossing IQ game proceeds an up - to- date version with new features of a recreative performance. Don't mess up with the complexities in the game play. This will further encourage you to test with an undreamed self- confidence. Thanks to Google market, many game apps are available to increase your IQ score. IQ can never be the same for everyone. It degrades with age and time. The more you work, the more you gain. Don't let the time flies away. Get the challenge. Whether some games like, Brain Dots, Doodle Army are classic but still, players be alive with these challenging games. Choose what to play and when. Download from Play store. Feel the best.

System Requirements:

No Specific

Program Release Status: Major Update
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers Version History:

IQ Android Games for Puzzle Gamers 0120170928 added on: 28-09-2017 - actual version

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