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X Tank Publisher's description:

from Falco Software Company

The world is engulfed by conflict between two great powers.
Everywhere is a military zone. Engineering geniuses are racing to complete the next super-weapon.
Enormous depots about, huge dirigible balloons float with bomb loads of 25 000 pounds. The much feared
"Megatanks" are capable of destroying whole cities.
Deep underground, in great secrecy the "x-tank" is under development
- the ultimate super-weapon. The plasma reservation is capable of filling
holes using ordinary scrap metal.
The fast shooting ionic gun literally melts the strongest
fortifications. The Psi-device confuses the opponent and sets it on fire. It's all too easy to manipulate these tools of death! Do so well and you can win the war.
Download the module of management and get ready for your first task.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/W7, 16 MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 2 MB hard disk space

Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

X Tank Version History:

X Tank 7.3 added on: 04-01-2018 - actual version
X Tank 7.2 added on: 07-12-2017
X Tank 7.1 added on: 13-11-2017
X Tank 7.0 added on: 14-10-2017
X Tank 6.9 added on: 30-08-2017
X Tank 6.8 added on: 06-08-2017
X Tank 6.7 added on: 02-07-2017
X Tank 6.6 added on: 19-05-2017
X Tank 5.8 added on: 26-04-2017
X Tank 6.2 added on: 09-01-2017
X Tank 5.9 added on: 27-09-2016
X Tank 5.7 added on: 28-07-2016
X Tank 5.6 added on: 04-07-2016
X Tank 5.5 added on: 07-06-2016
X Tank 5.4 added on: 11-05-2016
X Tank 5.3 added on: 07-04-2016
X Tank 5.1 added on: 17-01-2016
X Tank 4.9 added on: 06-10-2015
X Tank 4.8 added on: 31-07-2015
X Tank 4.7 added on: 26-05-2015
X Tank 4.6 added on: 28-04-2015
X Tank 4.5 added on: 30-03-2015
X Tank 4.4 added on: 24-02-2015
X Tank 4.3 added on: 26-01-2015
X Tank 4.2 added on: 02-01-2015
X Tank 2.4 added on: 08-06-2013
X Tank 1.9 added on: 12-11-2012
X Tank 1.8 added on: 14-10-2012
X Tank 1.7 added on: 16-09-2012
X Tank 1.6 added on: 16-08-2012
X Tank 1.5 added on: 19-07-2012

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